Moving Back to Countryside – New Apartment in Old Stable


My girlfriend and I decided to pack our stuff and turn a new page on our life. We decided to say good bye for the city and…


…move back to countryside! Here is our new apartment in an old stable. How romantic 😀 Now we have more space than ever, and we can seclude together 😀 Oh boy, summer is coming, and I cannot wait to see my girlfriend planting her first herbs and carrots in the soil! This place is more than suitable as a new headquarters for My Northern Diary 🙂


Our fancy pansy neighbors 🙂


A sight from the balcony. I used to live in this region over twenty years ago, in the middle of these forests and fields. My dad always reminds me, how a black grouse once flew at our window and fell down. My dad brought the grouse in our bathroom, and I carefully watched the bird. Then, I raised my diapers, took my mother’s high heel as weapon, sat down next to the bird, and started to guard it, until it woke up and my dad released it back to nature 😀


Phew! It was a hell of a work to move all the stuff here. Luckily, my kind friends helped us a lot. Thank you very much! Now we just need to arrange the stuff 😛


I already reserved this little corner to myself. A reading and thinking spot in the middle of photosynthesis 🙂 I hope I will find a good, short chair with a back rest to myself, for avoiding neck and back problems. Only scientific books are allowed in the self. Topics like chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, physical chemistry, molecular and cell biology, physics, quantum physics, digital technology, embedded systems, and physiology. Oh, notice also my old mechanical calculator, which is still fun to use! In the upper locker there is also my LCD sketch book. The radiator is really close to the table, maybe it is better to turn it off. The plants are Syngonium, Epipremnum, Pteridophytina, and Chlorophytum.


In my new reading and thinking spot, I will try and draw things like “double slit experiments” with sine waves, like I already did with the Google’s nice 3D function blotter. Go on, try it! Try to google a function with a two variables, like “sin(x^2+y^2)^0.5”.


Notice the two lateral sine wave sources, made by Pythagorean theorem. The sources are shifted by subtracting and adding values to the variables. The wave amplitudes are decreased by the inverse square law. Notice the beautiful interference patterns on the left hand side of the graph 🙂

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