Home of Wonders under Northern Lights

Finally, I have managed to settle my stuff in my new home, in the old stable in the middle of beautiful countryside. Sparks of magic are floating everywhere; this place feels like a real home! I cannot wait to get my hunting bow done, so that I can start to scout the surrounding landscape. I have already seen a lot of wild animals from my front yard, like one fox, three roe deers at the same time, a white mountain hare, European hares, and many many birds. This place is close to the place where I managed to see the mighty eagle, and not so far away from the place where I got my previous hare. I have seen many marks of moose here, and rumors talk about local bears living in the nearby forests. And because city lights are not shining here, I see my celestial friends almost every evening, sometimes frosted by northern lights 🙂 I think I haven’t ever been so happy to be at home!


First, here are a couple of photos of my neighbors. Once three roe deers came to eat in the nearby field 🙂




Here the orange fur of a sneaky fox, shines in the evening sun.



That’s all about the neighbors so far. Here we are buying some stuff for storing other stuff. Yes, I admit, I went to IKEA 😀


Putting the IKEA shelfs together. I haven’t ever seen as branchy boards as these are. I hope the shelfs do not fail due to burden on them! I also bought an extremely heavy safe closet for my firearms (but not from IKEA!), which is bolted in its place. If someone would seriously try to open the closet without the keys, the noise would alarm all the two legged neighbors 😀 Luckily, the entrances of our home are faced at a somewhat lively road, even though we are living in the middle of countryside 🙂


Leveling and attaching the shelfs on the walls.




Due to leveling and the uneven floor in the storage room, some of the feet raised a little. That is why I glued small wedges under the shelfs for having better support.


And here it is, my own storage workshop! In future, I will try and build many interesting things here 🙂


Also the apartment itself looks nice now! I got the cuckoo clock as a birthday gift from my father many years ago. There is also photos of my grandfathers and paining of Mannerheim on the wall. The tripod is always ready in the corner if something interesting appears in or over the fields 🙂


I also bought this handy little chair from IKEA for my thinking spot. It’s really comfortable!


Oh, here is a sushi meal I got from my parents as a house warming gift. Yum! It reminds me of my trip to Japan.


I believe this fellow is a Tegeneria domestica. This spider bro can run here and live with us. Go on little guy, catch some clothing moths and flour beetles 😀


Another calm evening is falling down. The sky is clear again, and we got some new friends. Northern lights wanted to shed their mesmerizing light for us. A welcome gift from Mother Nature 🙂



Beautiful northern lights on a lonely, quiet, icy field.

northern-lights-over-field-CRW_1562.jpg northern-lights-over-field-CRW_1561.jpg northern-lights-over-field-CRW_1560.jpg


A letter “T” made of northern lights. Like the sky is trying to write “Terve”, which is “Hello” in Finnish 😀


How on earth I can go to sleep and woke up early to work, if everyday here is so exciting! Look at those northern lights, all the colors of world are raining on our home!



northern-lights-over-field-CRW_1554.jpg northern-lights-over-field-CRW_1553.jpg northern-lights-over-field-CRW_1552.jpg northern-lights-over-field-CRW_1551.jpg


Time to go to sleep. This is the last sight from my balcony. Look at all the adventures waiting in that dark maze made of forests, right under the shiny northern lights 🙂


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