Scientific Image Processing with Processing 3

Here is an image from one of my side projects at work. I haven’t programmed for a long time, but I recently got a good reason to get more familiar with the famous Processing 3 development environment, to pilot experiment one of my ideas. Like with the Arduino projects, I like the simple, intuitive interface and high level of abstraction in the environment. Combined with a good foundation of programming knowledge, these development environments are powerful tools to quickly build sophisticated functionalities, for pilot testing new ideas, or even to make finished programming projects. And if necessary, the ready made abstractions can be bypassed of course, if a coder needs a firmer grip on the fundamental code running a demanding algorithm. Oh, and the Processing 3 also includes nice debugger feature, absent from the previous versions! Though, if I could add something, I would add a possibility to use conditional breakpoints for more efficient debugging (or at least I haven’t found this option yet).


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