Flying into New Year by Drawing & Writing

First of all, this is the 95th post in My Northern Diary and the last one during the year 2013. Yay! I wrote almost one hundred posts during the year 2013 and the first post was written on February 4 *clap clap*

So, currently, it is early morning on the last day of the year 2013. When I woke up, I shone some light into the dark room by my Lumia and I crawled next to the table. I turned the laptop on and at the same time I watched the drawings I made during the previous nights. First of all, I needed something relaxing to do during the evenings so that I can fall asleep easier. As I have mentioned, I have many businesses going on and I have just received an interesting email from the USA. One of my innovations have raised an interest according to the email, but I need to do some extra literature research for the possible continuation of ours “thing”. Thus, after writing this post, I think I need to get drunk again by drinking energy drinks and push myself into the new year 2014 by reading and writing a lot.

So, I started to draw human figures from scratch, because I wanted to learn to draw them on the correct ratios. I have already drawn many human figures without much theory, but it is somewhat difficult to get the figures to be harmonious. Usually, I first draw the approximate spine and then I build the rest of the figure around it and I shape the figure like “clay” for making it look good. From now on I will try to draw the figures in the right ratios instantly, so that I get more time for other things. Here are some of the manikins I have sketched. After the manikins there are a couple of my older drawings about human figures which I have drawn just by intuition. Some of them are better than the others, naturally.

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So, here are some of my older drawings, I believe all of them are made with the computer. Enjoy!

Anaerobic Fight

Anaerobic Fight

Ilman Impi

Ilman Impi in Finnish, or the spirit/maiden of the air, Finnish mythology.

Ilmarisen Kokkolintu

The artificial Kokkolintu, kind of a thunderbird, made by the eternal hammerer and blacksmith Ilmarinen. Kokko is also present in the Finnish mythology and there are runes about it in the Finnish epic, Kalevala.


A closeup from the Ilmarinen, who pilots the Kokko. Together they try to catch the enormous pike of the Tuonela, the underworld of dead.


I see dreams about bears quite often. Sometimes the dreams are so effective that I need to picture them into my drawings. In this particular dream I was skiing through the open and snowy landscape and the bear was chasing me. I found a piece of dead wood I quickly grabbed with me. During the skiing I noticed that the wood was hollow and there was dry usnea inside of it. I quickly took my matches and scratched one inside. Smoke started coming out and the bear was even closer. I skied further and, suddenly, a couple of big wood grouses jumped in the air under the snow right next to me. Soon they flew over the remote horizon and at the same time the piece of dead wood burst into real fire. I took my skis off and grabbed my axe. The bear was really close to me. The sky turned into red while I kept the bear away with my wooden torch. I waited for the right moment to hit the bear with my axe, but then I woke up. I had so much adrenaline in my blood that I couldn’t think of anything else but just start to draw this image. It is so shame that in this kind of an effective drawing the legs of the human figure are too short! Thus, I need to really practice for the coming drawings.

Dream about a bear

Well, in this drawing there isn’t much human figure, only the one in the last image sitting inside of its sleeping bag. Instead, this image is a good continuum for the previous bear-dream theme. During this dream, I was really sleeping under my lean-to, inside my sleeping bag and alone in the dark forrest. In the dream, I saw my own camp above and the bear which came out of the darkness. It circled around my lean-to and it decided to peek inside. I already heard its breathing and saw its eyes, but then I woke up. I took my flashlight and started to look into the real darkness, but I didn’t see anything. Then I went back to sleep.


Higher and higher. The story behind this dream can be found here.

Nuoli Tulevaisuutta

The Arrow of the Future. The poem says something like:
“I stand under the belt of the stars
and the slow time of night teases me.
Morning, shoot down the bright already.
The arrow of the future, about as much as tomorrow.”
I inserted the poem also in this video.




Luring Hazel Grouses


To the better place. I’m not sure, can’t remember, but it is possible that I drew this figure by the aid of my own pose I took by the camera. At least the figure looks pretty good!

Morning Runner

Morning Runner



Sammon puolustus

A little bit poorer figures from the Defense of the Sampo, Kalevala. Although, in Kalevala Väinämöinen hit the Louhi with an oar, not with the sword.

Sammon taonta

Ilmarinen is forging the Sampo, also from the Finnish mythology.



The Rock n Roll Train

The Rock n Roll Train


Exit. In this drawing, where the character is trapped on the surface of the dreamlike ocean, the human figure is quite cartoonish and simple.

That’s it, happy new year 2014 to you all!

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