Kinetic Wooden Toy – Dog’n’Bone

Can the dog find its bone? Here is a kinetic wooden toy, Dog’n’Bone, I made for my girlfriend’s nephew. He had a birthday party recently 🙂 Enjoy the video!

Kinetic Wooden toy - Dog and Bone

Kinetic Wooden toy – Dog’n’Bone


Tennessee Hayride (Jason Shaw) / CC BY 3.0

Creative Commons Attribution License

2 thoughts on “Kinetic Wooden Toy – Dog’n’Bone

  1. This is wonderful. I’m having trouble replicating it. Any plans available for the “dog”? Looks like you have leather on sides and part of back?

    • Hi, and many thanks for your interest!

      It was trial and error to make the toy work. Try to get the friction between the slide board and the dog to stay optimal and constant. If the dog stops, decrease the friction and/or add weight, if the dog jumps off, do the opposite. I used the leather pieces for this reason, and also to damp the side bumps with the pillars. Consider using varnish or some other appropiate surface treatment to fixate the surface micro structure of the wood.

      Best wishes, MND

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