DIY Flick ‘Em Up Board Game made from Wood

You may have heard about the Flick ‘Em Up, an interesting “board” game with a quite exotic play mechanics. If you haven’t, look for more by searching some Youtube videos etc. to get an idea what this game is all about. Unfortunately, the game was quite expensive, why I decided to make my own from wood, buttons, nails, iron wire, washers and nuts 😀 To finish the project it took exactly four evenings, and it was worth it! I have played a few rounds now with more or less improvised rules, and the game is super fun!


The DIY Flick Em’ Up board game made from wood ‘n’ stuff. “This town is too small for two gangs” *BANG BANG BANG!!!* “incoming….” *KABOOOM!!!!* 😀


I used reverse printing and acetone rubbing to attach the labels on wood from paper. Then, I used wipe varnish technique for finishing. Notice the ground marks in the hat of the sheriff. By the number of marks one can follow how much health points each figure have, and what items they carry. Furthermore, after each round the hats are turned upside down, so that all the figures are used only once during a round. The clock of the Town Hall shows the current round as in the real game.


Each of the holes contain the health points and items the corresponding figures carry.


A dynamite, two gold coins, two health points, Winchester rifle, and colt pistol 🙂


In addition to the board game, I once also made this carrying device for firewood. The bottom is actually made of the leftover boat edge pieces from the summer. The end of the carpenting stories so far!

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