White-tailed Visitors in Inland

Good news from the Baltic Ocean! It seems that the conservation of white-tailed eagle has been successful! There are so many eagles along the coast that some of them are now living in inlands, even as far as in Tampere region. This is not usual in here, but it is good for increasing the predation of the small ground predators, which should further relieve the negative impact on the grouse populations.

During the couple of days I have spent in the big lake of Pyhäjärvi, I have seen at least three eagles. I said earlier that I possibly saw a big golden eagle during one of the hunting trips I made, but now I believe it was actually a white-tailed eagle. Both of them are big birds, although the eagle I saw closer was enormous! Anyhow, I managed to take a couple of nice photos from the icy, white, hostile desert, the big back of the frozen lake. The distant snow storms were mesmerizing. The photo of me is quite blurry, because I took it from the LCD of my gf’s camera as there was some compatibility issues between the memory card and my phone 😀 One of the eagles I saw is sitting in a pine before it flew away, you will see it in the coming images. If I remember right, the zoom I used was 80X as I used both the optical and digital zooms for acquiring a clear photo, which sadly affected on the image quality. Well, here are the photos, enjoy!

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