White-Tailed Eagle of Snowy Lake

Lately, I have had a little cough. Still, just before the dusk, my girlfriend and I decided to take our skis and go to search white-tailed eagles, once again. We skied over the endless ice and enjoyed the silence. Only the slowly falling snow and birds gave us company. We saw a distant flock of birds, hooded crows and some ravens. They seemed to search remains of fish, left by a fishermen who keeps fishing nets under ice. Then, suddenly, a bigger bird came behind us, flew almost over, and went towards the other birds. It flew far away, and we followed it. Soon we came closer, and we started to ski by it. The great eagle watched us, and I put my tripod over the ice. I managed to catch some photos with my PowerShot, blessed with super zoom optics. Even though we were far away, the shy bird of pray raised on its wings, and escaped from us. It flew against the distant trees of an island, until it disappeared in the snowfall. We went after it. Ravens sang their odd, hollow song in a forest, and I tried to goggle the white-tailed eagle. Suddenly, I saw it through my binoculars. It was sitting on a snowy spruce. We went closer and closer. I managed to set my tripod, take a photo and flew away again. It disappeared behind the big island, and the darkness started to fall down. There was a risk to get lost in the endless whiteness, why I took my map and compass. We knew our destination, and we came back to home, both cameras being full of snowy photos about the white-tailed eagle, the king of inland waters 🙂


At the shores of great snowy lake.



Here we saw the flock of hooded crows eating fish.



Suddenly, a white-tailed eagle flew almost over us and went to tease the corvidae.



It is huge!




The white-tailed eagle escaped from us in the snowfall, but we managed to ski it back into our sight.


Then, the great bird of prey disappeared in the snowy dusk, and we needed to get back to shore.


Skiing on a big, snowy lake is mesmerizing. It feels like you are skiing still. Especially, if the snowfall hides the surrounding world from you.


It feels like white eternity lurks behind those distant islands. Beautiful.


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