War With Wild Boars & Dark Country Meals

Remember the wild boars visiting our yard frequently? A few days earlier I locked myself out of my workshop. I was deep in my thoughts as I stepped down the stairs. Then I raised my eyes and saw a couple of wild boars standing in front of me with their tusks pointing at me! I stepped backwards, and they started to wander around the yard. Meanwhile, I sneaked to home, took my keys and went back to the workshop. I took my shotgun and loaded it with slugs. I stalked the boars while sneaking around our home to the wood shed. Behind the corner of the wood shed I saw the wild boars eating goat weed. I slowly raised my gun and shot a hole through the other pig. It was an instant kill, and soon the other one disappeared into the forest where it came from. I constantly looked around and behind my back to avoid any surprises. Man, they are so bold! I’m a little bit worried about my wife and the coming child we will have (yes, I’m becoming a father ๐Ÿ™‚ ). Recently, in a local newspaper there was a story about a guy who wrestled with a wild boar near us. In other news it was said that the wild boar populations are doubling approximately in two years. If this trend is valid here and for a while, go ahed and blot “2^(x/2)” and see the exponential growth of the wild boar populations. What else, can I say: it’s a war baby!

Here is the wild boar I shot.

Soon night fell down, and the sky poured rain on me. But now I have a lot of wild meat, and oh boy it is good! And more is yet to come, the pigs visited us again after the shot. Need to keep my eyes open.

We needed to buy a bigger tray to fit the wild boar in our wood oven. For the next time, we still need to buy a second tray to cook all the meat at once, the trays can be stacked nicely on each other. Due to the trichinosis risk we decided to cook all the meat immediately after shooting. We do not want to risk contaminating our freezers and kitchen with raw meat. We heated up our wooden oven in 200 degrees of Celsius, then kept the meat under the cover in the sauce I made for 19h. Oh boy the meat is tender! Maybe slightly dry, but it’s better than trichinosis. I first laid a bed of garlic, onion, carrot, and lovage in the tray. Then I heated up the sauce made from beer, salt, white and black pepper powders, honey, yogurt, and balsamic vinegar. The taste of the sauce was initially rather strong, but the meat and long heating leveled it nicely. The meat is now like pulled pork, a great substance to make all kinds of dark country meals!

One way to eat the meat is just mix it with Tabasco and BBQ sauce, then serve it with criss cuts and salad. The other especially great way to use the meat is to make dark country burgers! Stack the meat between buns with Tabasco, BBQ whisky sauce, and a lot of cheese. Heat the burgers up and add pickles. Oh man how tasty they are!

After cleaning the wild boar in pouring rain, I reinforced my butchering spot with a rain cover. Need to follow how fast the aspen will grow. I might need to cut it at some point to avoid it wrecking the cover.

The trophies of a couple of other catches from the summer, a zander and pike. Someone might wonder what kind of a voodoo clan is living here in the middle of forest ๐Ÿ˜€

One random extra photo. Once I noticed that there is an opening in the back of my wife’s teddy bear. I started to use the teddy bear as a heat insulator to keep my drinks chill. Once I was at my workshop and managed to launch fire alarm. I sent this picture to my wife and said “It was him!!” ๐Ÿ˜€ That’s all today folks, see ya!

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