Under Icebow with Nephew

Yesterday I left from work earlier and went back a little bit late today since my nephew is visiting Tampere region. I took him to search hazel grouses with me, but I didn’t manage to get any behind my iron sights. Instead, we heard whistling pygmy owls, rumbling moose, found some Albatrellus ovinus mushrooms and we got mesmerized by the icebow around the moon. We also found a big treasure of golden coins in the middle of nowhere 😉 Here are some photos between the last dusk and today’s dawn!

My nephew and our camp.

The icebow around the moon.

The forest floor was full of these big, golden coins! Where could I change them into euro?

I took this image from my balcony. The first snow rained down today after we left the forest. During the night I noticed that the fabric of the tent froze when the thermal energy radiated into empty space through the clear sky. 🙂

Our only catch. Tasty mushrooms, om nom nom!

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