Two Weeks in Silence and Solitude

Finally, here it is, the video compilation of my last hiking and hunting trip to the loneliness, made in the end of the grouse season 2014. Let the video speak for itself, enjoy! 🙂

Music by:

Heliograph (Chris Zabriskie) / CC BY 4.0
Private Hurricane (Instrumental Version) (Josh Woodward) / CC BY 3.0
BACK TO THE WOODS (Jason Shaw) / CC BY 3.0

Creative Commons Attribution License

Northern lights in Finland

A celestial photo taken from my “hotel balcony” 🙂


Here is my poor man’s setup for taking the time lapse photos used in the video 😀 I used my Canon Powershot with CHDK and a lot of duct tape. Unfortunately, I have had not enough time for figuring out how to take the raw photos, which explains the noise in the videos 😛


Before the trip I bought a strong LED light for photographing curious owls during the nights. Actually, I was calling owls by mimicking rodents just before I saw the raccoon dog walking on the white snow. Luckily, I had the LED light with me, so that I managed to catch the wounded raccoon dog escaped from me at first. I took a good shot because of the white snow, but the iron shots I use seem to be not enough efficient for raccoon dogs. Well, now there is one extremely harmful alien pest less in our nature, one mess less made by careless humans. Anyhow, the LED light was included with a big battery, and I thought I could use it also for my camera during the time lapse photographing. I made an adapter and took my earlier made switching regulator. I decreased the nominal voltage of the battery to 5V and connected it to this pine block saturated with beeswax. I soldered the connector and power pins for the block and made it to resemble the native battery of my camera. It worked pretty well while feeding my camera during the long photographing moments!

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