Tokyo Holiday Diary 2014 – Part 5

This is the fifth part of my Tokyo Holiday Diary 2014. Yesterday, we went to Shibuya, which is a some kind of trend-center of Tokyo, if I have understood right. After Shibuya we went once again in Akihabara for looking the underwater camera case. Actually, I changed my mind and bought a totally new camera, only with a small increase in the budget – say hello to Canon Powershot D30! The model is released during this year, it is water proof to 25m and I got it with the 30% lower price when compared to Finnish prices. It does not have as much zoom and imaging parameters available as it is the case with my Canon SX240 HS, but I believe the D30 is still a good camera also for the hiking trips because of its robustness. I need to also check how the Canon hack development kit suits for this type of camera for releasing its power.

So, I got the camera and the Pacific ocean was still waiting! My friend and I took a train to Sagami bay where we did a quick swimming trip in the chilly water. The place was in Zushi, a beautiful place in the middle of hills covered by small jungles! We saw many birds, the ocean showed us a couple of fish and a hermit crab and so on. In Zushi we went also to mysterious, calm temples and graveyards. Zushi provided the thing I needed for compensating the sparkling Tokyo 🙂 Unfortunately, there is not much good underwater images to show this time, but the main thing for me was to feel the enormous Pacific ocean by myself! So, enjoy the images and see you again 🙂

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