Summer Days with Creatures of Lakes & Forests + DIY Bow Project V

Phew! Finnish summer is short, and it keeps me busy! Here is a mixture about the things I have done recently. In a nut shell, my nephew visited at Tampere and I took him to fish. Other day I went to search some perch and pike with my spear gun. My girl friend made an incredible tasty fish balls from my catch, which I ate today ^^ Today I was super exhausted as I went to orienteering and ran like a hell in the warm weather 😀 After swimming, I continued my DIY bow project. For the very first time, I had a bow exceeding the 40lb @ full draw needed for hunting in Finland. After I added the Inuit cabling, I noticed how the cable changed my tiller and moved the bend towards the middle in both limbs making them to take too much load. As I tried to compensate this by the post tillering, the bow is now only about 28lb without the cabling. I will add the cable and see how much I can increase the bounds, but it is highly possible that this is not the last bow I will make, although I’m so close already 😉 Btw, as I saw this bow, I forgot to leave the handle wood, why I needed to glue it from the separate piece. Sorry if these images have poor contrast etc, I just need to go to sleep, right now!

IMG_475520140609230816 IMG_476120140609231053 IMG_476320140609231126 IMG_476720140609231159 IMG_477620140609231301 IMG_478920140609231403 IMG_479120140609231511 IMG_480120140609231628 IMG_480320140609231702IMG_484120140609231937IMG_484420140609232040
IMG_483420140609231824 IMG_483620140609231853

IMG_484820140609232132 IMG_484920140609232220 IMG_485220140609232304 IMG_486220140609232340 IMG_486920140609232415 IMG_487620140609232517 IMG_488820140609232631 IMG_488920140609232704 IMG_489120140609232730 IMG_489320140609232801 IMG_489420140609232832 IMG_489620140609232905 IMG_491320140609233020



IMG_492620140609233250 IMG_492920140609233325 IMG_493020140609233353


IMG_494120140609233432 IMG_494620140609233514 IMG_495320140609233545 IMG_496520140609233639 IMG_496720140609233713 IMG_496820140609233756 IMG_497020140609233823 IMG_497120140609233855 IMG_497420140609233919

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