From Curious Child to Biochemist (Who Shops)

I’m not much into shopping new clothes, fancy furniture, cars (I believe my friends agree with this one), etc. Instead, as a fresh biochemist, I get a little excited after I have spent my boss’s money and the orders finally arrive 😀 No, seriously, the money is not wasted, as I need many building blocks, molecules, and labware for advancing my research. The point is that sometimes I really wish that I could fly into the past and see myself as a child. As far as I remember, I have always been passionate and curious about nature. Many times I thought to myself, what the heck is happening inside those green leaves in a forest, what photosynthesis, how and where dead animals finally disappear, what does it mean if my body burns sugars. I wish so much that I could meet that child today, tell him about these exciting things I received, like the antibodies, enzymes, or dialdehydes and diamines for conjugating nanoscopic things together, tell about what I have learned, why and how an electron can choose only certain quantized “floors” around an atom, accept and release energy in tiny chunks, and so on. Every time I get bored during work, I should remember that child. Luckily, every day is so different, and I really hope that I can keep this free and multidisciplinary position for creating new. I’m really fortunate in my work, as long as I can avoid most of the unnecessary bureaucracy and concentrate on the lab, the core why I studied so freaking much 😀 So far I have managed to make a few innovation disclosures, a couple of them are under research currently as we try to get the proof-of-concepts for them. Next, I need to write and publish an article, as it seems that we have interesting stuff to share also with the scientific community 🙂 I still also have my enterprise, which unfortunately lacks a good place to convert my thoughts into real experiments. Before I find a good garage or similar for experimenting solely by myself, my work is the only considerable place for relieving the pain of scientific creativity 😀 For celebrating nature and recall childhood, here are some photos about my exciting current work, enjoy!


Here are the orders I received today. I cannot wait to get my hands on them and make a couple of experiments :3 If I’m lucky, it could enable to publish a paper in a high quality journal! If not, it’s important to enjoy every moment in the lab, be curious, try and search, because it’s the basic instinct of human beings 🙂


Some of my substances are quite nasty, why they are stored under constant pull of air.


In this closet I keep my other things.


Here I do my experiments.


This small lair is my office. Those walls are quite handy actually, as I can attach frequently needed papers on them and find them quickly.


And after all this, I manage to make a dot in a piece of paper, and I yell “heureka!”. And no, those are not indicator papers from a pregnancy detection kit 😀


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