Secret Sauna under Shiny Space & Long-Term Plan B

There I was again, in a place where thoughts and silence are your only friends. I was there all alone, under the shiny space and oh boy how much I needed it! Last Friday I didn’t manage to leave the city during the daytime since my parents bought their first computer and it took some time to show a couple of tips, install a firewall etc. It was already pitch dark when I left my car and step into the forest. I got plenty of new electricity in my batteries and I’m already waiting the next weekend! Here are some photos and thoughts from the past weekend, enjoy!

My head lamp also has a singular red LED. I use it a lot since the red light of longer wavelengths consumes less power than the bright light. The Big Dipper was visible during the first night, but I still used my compass to find my destination. 🙂

Our beautiful Milky Way!

A couple of books I read in my tent!

I enjoyed the weekend by hunting hazel grouses and reading a couple of interesting books! I have read the smaller one already (in the image above), which I borrowed from my friend, but I still wanted to repeat some of the most important topics. The book tells about the value investing, a method how to search under priced shares and benefit from the irrational and emotionally driven markets. Benjamin Graham is considered to be the father of the value investing and one of his “disciple” is Warren Buffet! Pretty promising huh! My wages should increase during the time, but I don’t just want to spend them. Instead, I want to “make my excess money to make more money”, not to increase my expenses with the increasing wages, like the controversial business man, Robert Kiyosaki, advised. I’m also considering making some sort of easy side businness for increasing my capital for investing, if there is any easy side business at all! I have a couple of ideas about self-sustaining businesses, which should not take much of my time. Don’t worry, they are ethical and legal business models 😀

Fundamentally I’m a scientist, but by reading economy I have learned much about how this “man made” world works. It would be so nice to pour every bit of economic knowledge I have so far, but I believe that is worth of its own post, if I ever have the time to do it. Anyhow, the background idea in my investing business is a chance to be a little bit freer in the future, because of my passion for science. I’m afraid that the academic world is filled by bureaucracy and it is harder and harder to do the practical research and be creative in the future, when one advances in his/her career. One of my friends also said “today Einstein would drink his own pee, if he wouldn’t push a couple of articles from the relativity theories in a year”! 😀 Although, during the times of Einstein many articles were written also, but maybe you got the point of the joke. Personally, I think that today science is measured with wrong meters, like by the amount of articles researchers make and how many Ph.D theses scientific institutions produce. These are true issues and they have serious side effects, like how the scientific literature can be totally bullshit in nowadays and how people even try to peer review their own bullshit articles. Gladly, the scientific world has recognized these issues and maybe the way of making science is steered in the better direction in the future. Thus, I have not lost my “faith” in science (dangerous to speak about “faith” with science), but I don’t still mind if I would have some extra money to play with. I wish I could make a super garage  someday, where I could freely and without bureaucracy test all of my crazy, but critically considered ideas. I believe this is the fundamental meaning of science, to sail in the unknown waters and practice one of the basic instinct of human beings; to be curious. Oh, the second book is of course about the quantum mechanics ;D

During the Saturday morning non of the hazel grouses react to my whistle. Thus, I needed to “drive” them instead of luring. This means that I just wandered around the forest and when the hazel grouse escaped, I carefully look and listened where it landed. Then I sought it again and by sneaking I tried to get the bird behind my iron sights. After I shot this grouse, during a micro second I though “did I miss it?”. But soon the hazel grouse fell backward from its branch and I found it lying under the tree with a “bullet in his chest”.

Here is the second, female hazel grouse I got with my Winchester. The new DIY iron sights seem to work pretty well. 🙂

The obligatory pose. 😀

I found this secret cottage in the middle of nowhere! I wonder, who owns it, it would be a nice place to keep a camp. 🙂

And guess what is this ? It is a secret sauna I found next to the cottage! 😀

Here is the sauna inside! Pretty cool huh? I need to keep the region on eye and consider to take a towel next time. 😀

Here are the same grouses in a still life. 🙂

Second night arrives and turns the sky into orange and red.

Along the year, our world turns into yellow first, then into white. That’s it today. See ya! 🙂

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