Rainy Midsummer 2014

My gf and I decided to spend the midsummer 2014 in the Archipelago Sea, like we did during the last year. Unfortunately, according the weather forecast, the coming weather should be awful. Luckily, my kind parents-in-law let us to borrow their nice summer cottage, why we didn’t have to be in the city. Thus, we spent a quite normal Finnish midsummer, as we grilled a lot, ate, drank, went to sauna, swum, and fish. Here are the photos taken during the rainy midsummer of 2014, enjoy!



Preparing some curry chicken for grilling


And some salmon also for the skewers


Aaaand blue cheese mushrooms wrapped in bacon!

IMG_5212 IMG_5099 IMG_5103


In the sauna

IMG_5120 IMG_5126 IMG_5129


Someone are luckier than others 😀

IMG_5142 IMG_5185 IMG_5187 IMG_5198






No Finnish summer without some hailstones


Smoking some fatty salmon

IMG_5211 IMG_5213 IMG_5216


Common swift


Northern house martin

IMG_5247 IMG_5254 IMG_5275


My gf took this beautiful photo from the white waterlily, *clap clap*

IMG_5294 IMG_5296


I got this small pike by the Rapala Minnow Spoon, but look at those marks of teeth in the pike’s side!



In the cottage, I noticed how the radio did not receive signal as I stood next to it. I’m not sure, as I’m not an expert with radios, but I think it was because of the quantum mechanical standing waves. Because some of the radio waves are reflected from me, they change their direction and they will interfere with the coming photons. By standing at right spot, there would be destructive interference around the antenna, and the probability for photons to become absorbed (received) will decrease. I needed to move about 30cm towards the antenna for changing the signal amplitude from high to low. By this information, I quickly calculated the frequency of the photons. I got a result in the same magnitude with the chosen channel by this non-accurate measurement. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, and don’t take too seriously the drawings, it is hard to draw the reflecting sine wave correctly 😀

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