Perch & Copse Snails + DIY Bow Project VI

Today I was spear fishing again. I tried to seek some burbot, just for trying the taste. Someone says that the meat of burbot tastes like mud in summer, and I wanted to try is this true. I made a couple of dives in 15m, but only once I saw a dust cloud next to a rock; maybe a burbot escaped in front of me before I reached it? Then I concentrated on perch and got some. Though, I didn’t eat the fish today as I gave a final wash for the copse snails collected previously. Now I’m eating a delicious evening snack made with this recipe 🙂 I used beer and chives this time.

Yesterday, I continued my DIY bow project a little. Unlike I thought, I managed to increase the bounds to 44lb just by carelessly cabling my latest bow! Though, I noticed how easily the cable might slip off from its place, why I filed a groove in the rigid part of the handle. I hope that the groove won’t weaken the bow too much! That’s all today folks, see ya and enjoy the images!

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