Memories of Rainy Autumn

A Finnish proverb says that years are not brothers. The past autumn was rainy and the weather was awful. Currently I’m waiting for a better winter, a couple of times we already had nice snowy sights around here. Currently it is rainy and muddy again, but it doesn’t bother too much because I’m mostly traveling back’n’forth between home, work, and workshop. Anyhow, I gathered all the melancholic photos I took during previous months. And this will be a super quick post, soon I need to go to work again πŸ™‚ The photos are in somewhat random order, enjoy!

This post starts with a lunch πŸ™‚ See the firewood? As you might already know, I hunt wood grouse which are really alert and shy birds. Sometimes when I scout new places, I position my camp in the middle of hills on which the grouses might spent time. Thus, for my first camp I sometimes take firewoods from my home with me, so that I don’t need to make noise while breaking and splitting tarry stumps. This autumn I didn’t find any wood grouse, but the good old hazel grouses are also well wanted with mushrooms πŸ™‚

Albatrellus ovinus and lingonberries from nearby and onions from home.

Hello mighty pine!

A feather of a wood grouse. I think it was eating stones here.

In these castles of Tapio I travel.

Another night fells upon me, time to get back to the camp.

Is the devil lurking behind the lichen?

Ah, camp coffee! I need to specially mention that I really enjoyed this moment as sun was shining between the clouds for a while!

Rainy, snowy, rainy, snowy. Morning sun sheds its orange light on the cold forest.

Majestetic pine has captured the rays of light.

A cup of ice cream.

A small sunbathing spruce πŸ™‚

It was a small day trip I did. Here I took a little nap while searching wood grouses. It was crispy!

Took this photo from my sleeping back. What’s up bread moss?

Footprints of two wood grouses along a abandoned road.

Birches were decorated with small diamonds πŸ™‚ Photos cannot capture how brilliant they were!

Back to home. Insects are hibernating, time fill up the bird feeder and help our neighbours!

However, do not enter our terrace, hoot hoot :>

The compost-pit toilet I made.

A lot of preserved enthalpy, I mean firewood πŸ™‚

And once again, the snow melt away.

Once I ate two bags of chantarelles and yellow foots as I forgot most of my camp food at home and didn’t catch any birds. Here I’m frying my last mettwurst.

I used a small birch as a selfie stick πŸ˜€ Poor guy.

I’m still wondering these ice crystals growing through the ground and pulling dirt with them. Are they like crystals of water molecules in queue or what?

Oh no, it is a bear! Wait, what?

Moist, moist, moist, and moist. Oh yeah, once I ended up in a “hilarious” situation. I was calling hazel grouses high on the cliff of a small hill. First it was rather sunny, but soon between the trees I saw a white curtain appearing over the horizon. Then I heard low, strong noise as the rain poured down nearby. Then, suddenly, the rain front reached me, and oh boy how fast I run!

Is this unreal πŸ˜‰

And some final nocturnal photos from my home.

Our mystic cellar.

The end!

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