Careless and Dumb People

I made a new drawing for my Roskat Rannalle (Garbage to Shores) Facebook page. It is shame how inefficient it is to try to talk sense to people, who cannot understand much anything. It is as inefficient and short sighted as it is the cleaning of garbage the others have left behind. Thus, I took my digital pen and made this picture. Let’s hope it will reach many people and forceĀ those retards to shape up! Like said, we are so fortunate because our ancestors were not materialistically rich, but the coming generations are going to drown in our shit. And as a last word, I want to remind that the garbage is not only a visual issue; can you imagine how much harmful substances are dissolved in nature from the garbage and how much we will intake it through food? No wonder why the cancer and other health statistics look so nasty šŸ™

“30 min of snorkeling in a popular shore: JAPAN (over 126 000 000 residents); FINLAND (over 5 000 000 residents); Finland – the country of dirty people”


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