Enjoying New Purchases in Snowy Cottage

Recently, I have bought a couple of interesting things to myself. I took two of them with me and enjoyed the weekend in the hunting club’s snowy cottage 🙂

First, I bought the Bioconjugate Techniques book. It is kind a recipe book for biochemists and other architects of Nano-world. It has over 1000 pages of different techniques and protocols for attaching molecular stuff together. I bought it for solving problems in my work and enterprise related innovations.

Second, after the previous two week hiking trip I was seriously frustrated after loading the 30Gb of time-lapse photos and HD-videos into a PC. It took me a whole day to fight with the unstable computer and arrange everything nicely in folders! Thus, I have considered to buy a Macbook Pro for a while, after hearing so many recommendations and reading reviews, and now I finally did it with a nice secondhand price 🙂 Though, the price still included the Apple-extra when compared with corresponding PCs. It is the late 2011 model with 15″ high-res screen and i7 quad core processor (2,4GHz). The OS is in the 256Gb SSD drive and the computer also includes the original 750Gb “millstone” drive. Oh, and it has 8Gb of RAM ^^ Now I’m able at least to play multiple HD-videos at once without any lacking, so far the computer feels really stable and so on. So, I really hope that this device will give me the relief for my everyday life I needed so much. BUT UNFORTUNATELY I have already faced some bugs and illogical things in the Mavericks, the OS which is said to be more functional than the newer, freshly released Yosemite. For example, I needed to make a couple of extra tricks to get my computer automatically connect to already known WLANs after restarting or waking up. The OS also had a strange habit to change the desktop background photo to default one every time I restarted the computer. Well, let’s see after I have edited my first HD movie with the Mac, does the computer do what it should after the initial little stiffness. Oh, and I seriously need to shape up and finally learn to take raw photos with my CHDK boosted camera. And further on, I think that someday I might have a modest home studio for recording my songs with better quality and more tracks 🙂 So, in addition of cooking, eating, taking a sauna, swimming, goggling some hazel grouses and catching a mouse, I played a lot with my new computer in our hunting club’s snowy cottage 🙂

Finally, I have also bought a trail camera. During the previous hiking trip I used it for recording some night scenes for my coming movie, but there is a story why I bought it at a first hand. Earlier in this autumn, I was once reading a book in my tent. It was extremely calm evening, but suddenly I heard how a small tree fell down nearby. I thought that well, that’s odd, and started to sleep. Then, in the middle of the night I woke up and had a lot of adrenaline in my blood. I wondered, did I saw a bad dream or why my body is so tense. Then, I heard how something big exhaled outside my tent! I bet it was a bear, but I didn’t saw anything in the ground during the morning, because there wasn’t snow back then. After the trip I bought the trail camera, but haven’t manage to image any animals with it yet.

So, here are some photos from the snowy weekend, enjoy!


Here is the recently bought recipe book for biochemists and other architects of Nano-world. I took these photos in my work just before leaving to the cottage.



Near the cottage I saw these foot prints of a hazel grouse in the snow. During the coming morning, maybe the birds will come back to the road for eating rocks. I will be there also, waiting with my camera 🙂



In the cottage. How ironic to put a stuffed hazel grouse next to a northern goshawk 😀


Here is my new Macbook Pro. Looks pretty professional!



This magnetic power connector is brilliant btw!


Yes, the hazel grouses came back in the morning, and I managed to take these photos. The other ones flew away but this one stayed in the birch for eating buds 🙂



Here is the trail camera I bought. The IR-lights are on, which are invisible to naked eyes. I tried to image the road and birds, but the camera fell down in the soft snow during the night 😛


Earlier, I needed to remove the internal piezo beeper from the trail camera, because there wasn’t any software option for disabling the loud and annoying beeping sounds!




Back into the cottage.



Cooking some wood grouse I shot previously.



Oh snap, dessert is served!


The sauna.



Warming it up.



Time to go to swim.


IMG_0079 IMG_0086


The warm colors of humus under the freaking cold water 😀


These are better 🙂 The end!

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