Easy Cooking in Early spring

Today my gf and I made a little trip into forest. We found a wooden lean-to next to a lake, where we grilled some sausages and cooked vegetables in aluminum foil with fire. It has been a while since I step into the forest last time. I have done too much work with my computer and, unfortunately, lost the strong connection into the wilderness. I don’t know why, but somehow it felt a little alien to me to walk again into the green church, why I wish I could stay there for a while. During the short trip, I tried to call hazel grouses and pygmy owls by whistling, but my neighbors did not answer in the calming evening. I felt melancholic as I also thought the already gone frost. Because the short winter, I did not even make my yearly snowy hiking trips. Anyhow, the sights were calming as the night fell down. I wish to get back there, after I have loosen these chains of titles, bureaucracy, emails and money. I wish to get back into the state in which the real currency only matters. The currency of skills, needed for feeling comfortable outside of this artificial world 🙂

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