DIY Bow Project XV – Cable-Backed Center-Fire Bow

Here is a video compilation about one of the hardest mechanical projects I have ever made, the cable-backed center-fire bow! The bow is made from white oak, reaction pine, Dyneema and nylon rope, thimble, leather straps, casted aluminum, stainless steel, aluminum tubes and sheets, pipe fasteners, cable ties,  toothbrushes, a self locking nut and threaded rod, Loctite 9466 toughened epoxy glue, and Unica Super polyurethane alkyd varnish. The bow is 60lb @ 23in and 56.7in long. It’s more like a small war bow, which allows deep pull of vertical broad heads into its center window, and good clearance for large helical double vanes made of tape. The adjustable string stopper allows constant and snappy casts.

The wood pigeon season has already started in Finland, but this bow is really heavy for me to practice and learn quickly to shoot accurately! Furthermore, during the bow development I figured out a way to make lightweight and low cost arrows also for my commercial 40lb recurve bow, why I’m not yet sure which one I’m going to use for hunting. Anyhow, this novel design of cable-backing and center-fire handle together in the same bow is super awesome and unique, I really love it!

Music by:
Creative Commons Attribution License

Namaste – Jason Shaw

Overthrown (instrumental version) – Josh Woodward

Both songs were cut from the end to fit in the video

Front view of the dyneema cable backed center-fire bow with aluminum reinforced handle The dyneema cable backed center-fire bow with aluminum reinforced handle

Limb of the dyneema cable backed center-fire bow

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