DIY Bow Project XIII – New Tillering Stand & Playing with Chlorophylls

So, after all the hassle and moving in my new home, I can now continue my bow project. Simultaneously with a lot of other cool stuff 😉 So, here we go!


I took this stand from my work, as it was going to be dumbed away. Here I’m making some initial tests for my new tillering stand. I needed to use some wedges to keep it still while testing a commercial recurve bow. At least the setup did not shatter into pieces yet 😀


After some shopping and tuning, here it is, a promising new tillering stand for testing my coming DIY bows! By the aid of the rope, I can’t step a little further and see my bow better against the horizontal lines. By pulling the rope, I can compare the limbs; are they bending evenly or is the other one a little bit stiffer, meaning more removal of wood. And by looking at the scale, I know how powerful my bow is, and I don’t stress the bow too much while it is still in a tuning phase.




“what you are looking at human?!”


I’m also having a lot of fun with my chlorophyll experiments, while curiously testing some ideas as my unprofitable innovation enterprise 😀 Oh, I got those used tubes also from my work, after cleaning them. Otherwise they would have been dumbed away, which is sad. The handy shot glasses I bought from a grocery store 😀


It is shame how much good stuff is usually thrown away. One lab I used to study in many years ago, was going to dispose almost all of its old dish ware, just for replacing them with new ones! I wondered it a lot, and asked a permission to rescue some of the lab ware. Me and the glass pipettes were lucky!


Interesting red fluorescence I say! I wonder, what could be the reason between the different fluorescent emissions I’ve see recently. I need to take a break and make some literature research 🙂

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