Big Fat Mega Mama Tench & Fellows

Yesterday, I was free diving and searching some fish in my home lake. The weather was sunny and I saw many awesome fish shining beautifully under the northern sun 🙂 Look forward and you will see the photos of school of tiny baby perch which shined in the colors of a rainbow while the light scattered through them. I also dived into deep, but the assumed burbot wasn’t home in 15 meters, even though I carefully sneaked closer to the rock I mentioned previously. From the shallow water I also found a lot of mating tench, one being a freaking big, fat mega mama tench! The tench were so excited at times that they didn’t care at all about this big odd seal, maybe they thought that I was one of them 😀 I took a couple smaller male with me with my speargun. Finally, I have talked a lot of about stupid and careless people, who throw their garbage into water. I printed some Japan vs. Finland images and spread them around the popular beaches of my home lake. Let’s hope that the prints will reach many people and make the bastards to shape up!


The Garbage to Shores prints I spread around the beaches.




Notice the small perch behind the leaf. Just after taking this photo, it disappeared somewhere. I wonder where? 😀

IMG_5446 IMG_5450 IMG_5451 IMG_5455


A tench and pike in the same image.


I shot these two small tench, then I saw…


The big fat mega mama tench!


Look how fat it is! Like an underwater little pig 😀


Woaaa! You are not going to blow any fish traps aren’t ya? 😀


The fat mama tench was playing around with her boyfriends.



Lay your roe and make more tench!

IMG_5480 IMG_5500 IMG_5501


See the colors of a rainbow in the fish? These sights mesmerizes me 🙂



IMG_5510 IMG_5511


My free diving lakemaid 🙂


A green underwater garden.


Millions and millions of chloroplasts, harvesting and turning the quanta of light into chemical energy, simultaneously feeding the fish with oxygen. Beautiful! 🙂



A duck mussel.



A great pond snail is eating a lettuce.


Finally, here are some captures from the videos I took. Maybe in the end of the summer I will make a some sort of compilation about all the videos I have recorded during my trips 🙂

lonely_tench (3)

Full speed ahead, I’m a freaking tench!

perch (3)

Small perch are scratching their itchy operculums against the spear gun.

pike (3)

A small pike.

tench (3)

The chubby mama tench with her boyfriends 😀

fat_tench (3)

home of burbot (3)

Under 15 meters, next to a hole where I though there could be a burbot.

fast_tench (3)

A signal crayfish gave greetings while I dived to bottom 🙂

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