Big Dipper & Frozen Night over Endless Ice

I took these frozen photos a while ago, but decided to post them now. I wish I could look at the real stars more often, like the Big Dipper, my guide in darkness. I have been really busy at work, why I haven’t made many posts lately. Furthermore, I’m currently competing web experts as I’m going to fix the errors I’ve made on my site during these years, as I’m not a real web site designer. After that, I’m going to start from a clean table, and once again focus on the search engine optimization (SEO) and the personal topics I usually write about. With these highly specific topics, I have been quite happy about my search engine rankings! Go on, try and make a Google image search “crispy smelts”; currently, I see one of my older photos as 8th result, which I’m pretty happy about 🙂 My main SEO tactic is to get visibility by the highly specific topics and interesting images, not to compete with the most popular key words. However, after some tweaking I made on my site, I believe the results are not so good anymore, why I need some help to start the efficient blogging again.

I’m also trying to turn a big page in my life and work. Currently, I’m searching own funding to make independent biomedical research. Without going into details, I strongly believe that the time has come to try my own wings, and start to advance my innovations independently. The concepts of ideas are in my head, why I want to take the full responsibility of my work on science. I want to rely on my philosophy at work, which goes something like this. First, define the main goal, and take care you know what you are aiming at. Then, follow your star above the complex maze of the practical world, and don’t forgot the main goal. Like orienteering in the northern wilderness by the aid of Big Dipper. Even though you sometimes go into thickets, or the ice becomes thin under your feet, as long as you are alert and see your stars, you can eventually reach your final destination. It is only a matter of time, if you believe in yourself and firmly keep the stars in the sight 🙂

Big Dipper on frozen lake

The Big Dipper, my guide in darkness 🙂




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