Ancient Tombs under Vast Space, Ural Owl & Under Shotgun Fire

It is already late, and I need to wake up early tomorrow for work. So, let’s go straight into business, here are some photos taken during the weekend, enjoy the story!


It is always late when I get my ass into a forest after work. Anyhow, I’m not sure is that little glow in the horizon an aurora or distant city lights. At least I managed to capture one shooting star. 🙂


Our home, Milky Way. And a satellite. 😛


Our rock floats through the nothingness, carrying all the history of mankind on its back. These old spruces gave a little shelter, unlike in an open land where the thermal energy escaped into vast space.


Early, misty morning. Unfortunately, it was too hot, moist and windy during the weekend, why grouse were not quite active. That is why I didn’t catch anything during the weekend, expect many interesting experiences. 🙂


Sitting still with the Winchester and calling black grouse. Nothing.

IMG_7050 IMG_7051


This silent mist encloses everything inside of itself.

IMG_7053 IMG_7058 IMG_7056 IMG_7057 IMG_7061 IMG_7065


My sweet sweet temporal home. 🙂

IMG_7071 IMG_7075


Ah, coffee.


Again, during the weekend I met my hunting friend, who was mostly wandering elsewhere, and we decided to seek some ancient tombs marked in our maps. Ancient people used to bury their fellows by piling huge amounts of rocks on the corpses, possibly simultaneously sacrificing items with the dead. Many “röykkiöhauta” are already found and registered by Finland’s National Board of Antiquities, but no one knows how much more unknown things are still lying in the enormous silent wilderness of Finland. See that little hill. Looks like quite ordinary, but it is a possible röykkiöhauta, registered by the officials. It is so unfortunate that the officials do not have enough resources to open and study all of the found remains, we can just hope that no one comes with a metal detector and rob these beautiful pieces of our prehistory. Under this clearly anomalous hill there is possibly remains of a human being(s) who walked here likely over thousands of years ago.


These rocks are piled here somewhere after the end of the previous ice age, when Homo sapiens scouted these then unknown islands and peninsulas of the ancient icy body of water.


Sacred lingonberry on the rocks.


Here is another possible tomb. This one is not as clear as the previous one, because of the trees. It lies approximately in the same height as the previous one. When these rocks were piled here, there was likely a lot of water around, separating the two tombs to distinct islands or peninsulas.


What lies under these rocks is a mystery. Hopefully the officials will study these and shed more light into our past. I want to also find a röykkiöhauta, to make a mark in a map. 😀


Then we came here, to an unmarked place my friend found earlier, which is pretty interesting. Imagine the shore of an ancient lake or sea under this bank.


Look at that! I bet that there are many people in the past who have wondered this cave like I do now. Let us see inside.


Hmm, okay, pretty rocky here.


Oh, what is that piece of wood over there?


Well this is getting interesting! We do not have any clue when this piece of wood was made, but one thing’s for sure – officials can make a radiocarbon dating from it! I need to sent an email to Finland’s National Board of Antiquities, and simultaneously report (finally) also the exposed bones I found after someone dug the ditch.


Back into my tent. It’s time for a little tuna bread.


I bought some new books btw! Don’t worry, I’m not going to dig by myself into an ancient tomb, just want to learn to recognize them. 🙂

nimetön (2)

Laa laa laa. Hey, what is happening over there, in the distant corner of the forest?


Ooo, how cute, someone is teaching his girlfriend to shoot with a shotgun…


Holy fuck!! Take cover!!! Seriously, I heard when the shots fell down only a twenty meters away from me, why I took this photo behind a tree and through binoculars! Luckily, they didn’t have a rifle, and the shots are not deadly anymore in this far. It felt like they shot a couple of hundred of clay pigeons.


During the last night I managed to lure a new friend for me, an Ural owl. Again, I squeaked like a rodent and the owl got super interested. It is spooky when they fly extremely close to you, and their head rotates as they go right over! Notice the staring eyes, similar gaze like we have. Both of us are predators and we get along quite well. 🙂


There it goes.


Haha, it is like the tree has eyes, can you spot the owl? 😀


Early morning sheds its light over the silent and green castles.


Yes, more Albatrellus mushrooms!


Nice. 🙂


Greediness got me once again.


It took for a while to clean these.


Freezer is almost full, better to dry some of them.


Still, most of the mushrooms were cooked for drying them a little, and then they were rammed into the freezer. 😀


And some of the mushrooms were freshly cooked with a piece of wood grouse I shot previously. Here I eat and write my blog. 🙂

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