Albatrellus ovinus Mushrooms & Waste from Past

Today I made only a quick trip for searching hazel grouses. The weather wasn’t good since it was windy, why the hazel grouses won’t easily answer to the whistle. What I heard was a pack of hysteric moose instead, running away in front of me and behind the bushes 😀 I also found a bunch of Albatrellus ovinus mushrooms (lampaankääpä in Finnish). My friend let me to taste them some while ago and they are delicious! Now I don’t only collect yellowfoots (suppilovahvero) or chantarelles (kanttarelli) during my hikes and I don’t know, which ones are the best 😀 Here are some photos from the mushroom spot I found.

I didn’t collect these mushrooms, I don’t even know what they are? But they are funny looking while standing over their own, private tower. 😀

When I got home I fried the mushrooms in a pan with butter, sea salt and pepper mix. A good way to know you have collected Albatrellus ovinus mushrooms is that they turn into yellow during the frying. I served the mushrooms with potato wedges and the final piece of the trout I got earlier in summer. I simply rubbed some sea salt and pepper mix over the trout and covered it with the crumbs of blue cheese. Then I baked it with the potato wedges in an oven about 225 Celcius and 30 minutes.

Baked trout covered with blue cheese and served with Albatrellus ovinus mushrooms and potato wedges. Yum!

I also found a couple of piles of old garbage from the forest. The oldest ones seemed to be from the year 1992! I have to again state that humans are really inconsiderate and short sighted dumb asses. Here are some photos about how the garbage we left behind stuck in the nature. There is only one thing that is truly meaningful and important for us human beings even if we wanted it or not. It is the Mother Nature that has and will feed us and if we continue by poisoning her blood then we are ultimately screwed. I need to go back to the place since there were so much of the garbage that they didn’t fit in my backpack.


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