Abandoned Camp Deep in Boreal Forest & Delicious Prawn Bread with Rainbow Trout Roe

The grouse hunting season is almost over, but the shy birds are still quiet. Again, I made a trip into the loneliness, but didn’t catch any birds. The weather is odd nowadays, it is warm and moist, and birds behave very differently than they used to. Climate and the surrounding world is changing constantly. Instead of birds, I found a new abandoned camp in the middle of nowhere, a couple of kilometers away from the secret sauna I found earlier. I wonder, who has scouted these forests in the past, where did he came from and where is he today?

Endless lonely road to nowhere in the middle of Finnish boreal forest

Endless roads to nowhere in the middle of dark boreal forests.



The ground was so chill and moist that the sun made all the stumps and sticks steam 😀




The boreal forest becomes denser and darker.


Yep, I’m carrying my Winchester. I thought that I need to practice more my archery skills to hunt ethically with a bow 🙂 Maybe during the next season.


While walking forward, I was almost like smelling a fire somewhere near, but I think I just imagined it. Then, suddenly, I found a new abandoned camp. Someone has left even his cooking ware in the forest, in the middle of nowhere.




I saw only one game bird, a big wood grouse sitting on top of this little rocky hill. I did not have any change to shoot the escaping bird with my Wincherster, but it is good to know the place. Maybe some day I will come back here and try to listen if any wood grouse would fly sleeping pine or dinner/breakfast aspen.


Time to keep a break and light up a fire. Luckily, I found this tarry stump.


Hmm, old marks of an axe and charred wood.


The tarry smell is so strong. These sticks will light up easily as usual.



Sometimes I wonder, what kind of beings smell the smoke I made, carried by the wind.

Making-coffee-in-tarry-camp-fire-CRW_4438.jpg Endless-roads-to-nowhere-deep-in-boreal-forest-CRW_4431.jpg Coffee-in-kuksa-IMG_4445.jpg


Haha, a small spruce is dressed in a corpse of a pine 😀

Fungus-in-Finnish-boreal-forest-CRW_4397.jpg Fungus-in-Finnish-boreal-forest-CRW_4396.jpg Wet-sporangium-of-green-moss-in-boreal-forest-CRW_4392.jpg Macrophoto-of-moss-on-rock-CRW_4391.jpg Wet-fern-and-moss-CRW_4388.jpg Wet-fern-and-moss-CRW_4384.jpg Wet-fern-and-moss-CRW_4381.jpg


Big log beaten up by a black woodpecker. I also heard a moose running around close this place.


Sun sheds its final rays on this side of earth. Luckily, I already see my distant home over the hill 🙂 Time get back to home.


Time throw the dirty boots in a corner and be fancy! I made a couple of delicious prawn breads for myself, served with dill mayonnaise and roe of rainbow trout. Yum!


The end!

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