Improvised Blue Mussel Pasta Dish & Quick Ice Coffee Drink

Hello! Today I was hungry, again, and by chance had quite nice ingredients to prepare a delicious blue mussel pasta dish. As a dessert, I made myself a quick ice coffee drink, a simple recipe I usually apply to cooled residual coffee 🙂


First, I heated up some canola oil in a pan. Next, I sautéed fresh onion chop with black pepper and a lot of pizza spice mix made of basil, savory, thyme, oregano, rosemary, and mint.


Then, I kept the temperature high and dipped a bag of frozen blue mussels in the pan. After a quick heat shock for melting the mussels, I poured white vine and mixed the whole stuff with a good squeeze of low sugar and salt ketchup, which tastes almost like tomato puree.


After boiling down the blue mussel pasta sauce to stiff, and when the pasta was ready, I found frozen green pesto made by my girlfriend. I quickly thawed the pesto in a microwave oven and served it on the blue mussels and pasta. Yum!


With a full stomach, I sat down to my thinking spot with a cup of sweet ice coffee. I made the drink simply by mixing cooled coffee, chill milk, and some vanillin sugar. Such a nice Sunday I say!

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